Before reading this article, make sure to have read our Introduction to Charts.

Charts are the second element of our Reporting module, alongside Tables. 

You can view a Rate of Completion chart for Departments, Department Categories and Users. These show you how many Tasks have been completed over a given period of time. 

This is the Chart Builder:

There you select whether you want to view Rate of Completion for a Department, Department Category or User. You can then either select a specific Department, Department Category or User, or select 'All' to receive an overview of your entire system. 

Change the Chart's name or Add any Introductory Notes to precede your Chart, then hit 'Preview' to Build the Chart, or 'Add Chart' or 'Add Table' to Build another Report first.

This is what the Chart will look like:

The number of Tasks are revealed on the y-axis; the x-axis holds the date range. 

The upward bars therefore reveal how many Tasks were completed within a certain segment of time. 

Scroll up or down over the Chart to extend or narrow the Date Range.

PDFs are not yet available for Charts, but you can Share by Email, as one might a Table.

Charts sit alongside Tables as the main elements of Reporting. You can layer Charts on top of Tables to give a fuller, more custom Report.

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