Introduction to Lessons
What is a Lesson, and the Lessons List
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Learning lessons out of your evaluations

A Lesson is a learning created and assigned to a specific evaluation. Lessons inherit the attributes of their parent evaluation.

A full list of your Lessons can be found by selecting β€˜Capabilities’ in the sidebar, and clicking on 'Lessons' at the top of the page. This is a filterable list, displaying the following information:

  • Title;

  • The Capability to which the Lesson relates, in brackets;

  • A count of associated Actions, including how many are complete;

  • More button, signified by 3 dots: here are options to view full details of the Lesson, add another action, or archive or delete the lesson.

Clicking on the Lesson reveals the Actions that were created out of that lesson. You can update the title, owners, and due date of that action here, as well as marking it as Draft, Active, Slipped or Complete.

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