Creating Checklists

Once you have created your checkpoints, you group them into a checklist. These checklists then contain one or more checkpoints, with all associated checks. This is the final step of building up a template for all your checks which can then be rolled out and reassigned each time they need to be done.

This is the final stage in setting up templates in the Setup Wizard for the Venue Checks module. You'll have already navigated to Settings > Checklists > Checklists Setup, and completed step 1, creating your Checkpoint Types, step 2, creating your Checks, and step 3, creating your Checkpoints. Now you group those checkpoints into checklists, or PEAPs.

To begin, click '+ Checklist / PEAP'. Give the checklist a title and create it, and then select any checkpoints that are to be checked within this checklist.

Once you have finished adding the checkpoints, click 'Save PEAP / Checklist Template' to save. This checklist is now created as a template, ready to be used live on event days (or other 365 checks) along with any other checklists. To do this, navigate to 'Manage Checklists Groups' in the left-hand side of the page.

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