Managing Checklist Groups

Using the checklist templates you have in the system (which can be edited at any time by going to Manage Checklists), you can now select all the checklists that you need to be carried out for a particular event or date, and then assign them to the people who will be performing the checks. When assigning checklists, you can always re-use assignments and sets of checklists from previous events or dates.

You can do this planning and scheduling well in advance of event day, just leaving the groups of checklists to be automatically sent out at your chosen time.

To set these up, navigate to Settings > Checklists > Manage Checklists Groups. You'll see a screen that looks like this, with all of the checklists that you have set up appearing in a list on the left-hand side:

First, click Add Checklist Group at which the checks will need to be carried out. This will bring up the following modal:

Here, complete the following steps:

  • Select an Event or select a Date: the event or date for which these checks will need to be carried out. You can select an event from the list of events that you create elsewhere in the Settings area, in the Events Manager.

  • Duplicating previous information: if you are carrying out checks consistently for repeated matchdays, or need to carry out the same checks for every event day, then you can duplicate your checklists and user assignments here.

  • Set schedule: to decide when checklists are sent out to users, tick the box and then select a time and date when you would like your users to be emailed their checklists.

  • Click Confirm to add that event / date.

This will return you to this screen, with your event or date created.

Now, you can drag any relevant checklists into a checklist group. Once you have completed adding checklists to a checklist group, you can assign that group to a user.

Assigning users to your checklists

Click the downward arrow next to the number of checklists within a group.

You'll see a list of checklists within that group, and any user assignments. If you haven't assigned a user, the system will alert you and you can click the red user icon next to the checklist to add a user assignment. You can add either a WeTrack user or an external user.

Once you have completed the assignments, you are good to go: users will be sent their checklists at the scheduled time, and now you can proceed to tracking the checks.

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