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How to sync your tasks, risks and actions into your external calendar.

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Here at WeTrack, we are always trying to make our users working lives that little bit easier, and our latest addition in doing this is the Calendar Subscriptions update. Now more than ever, people are using their digital calendar to co-ordinate their schedule and workload and this update will allow WeTrack users to seamlessly connect the tasks, actions and risks which have been inputted to WeTrack, with their online calendar.

WeTrack Set Up

Setting up your calendar subscriptions takes a matter of minutes. Simply log into WeTrack & head to My Profile (bottom left) > My Preferences > Calendar Subscriptions

Within the Calendar Subscriptions section, you’ll be asked to choose which items you’d like to sync your external calendar, EG: Tasks, Risks or Actions. Copy the URL of the items you’d like to display using the 'Copy' button on the right. You'll need it when opening up your calendar settings.

Please note: If you’d like to sync all three items, you will need to set them up separately.

Outlook Calendar

Step 1

Go to the Home Tab of your Outlook Calendar

Step 2

On the right side of the page, select ‘Add Calendar’ and select ‘From Internet’.

Please note this could also be worded as 'Subscribe from Web', depending on your version of Outlook

Step 3

Paste the items URL from WeTrack into pop up box provided & press OK

Please note: The board will be integrated as a new calendar (It will default to name of the item, EG: 'WeTrack Tasks', however you can change this by right clicking on the top panel).

Step 4

To get a better view of the calendar, you will be able to click on the arrow on the left of the calendar's name to view your different calendars on the same view as below:

Please Note: Currently, there is no option to control how often the Outlook Calendar is refreshed however Microsoft confirms that when you subscribe to a calendar, your Outlook calendar will automatically refresh when the subscribed calendar is updated.

This means that it may take Microsoft more than 24 hours to automatically refresh and display updates that are added to WeTrack

Google Calendar

Step 1

Within your Google Calendar, head to Settings

Step 2

Once in Settings, head to ‘Add Calendar’ on the left side of the page and click on ‘From URL’

Step 3

In this section, paste the URL of one of the items, eg: My Tasks & Sub Tasks & click Add to Calendar

Step 4

Then, within your Calendar you’ll start seeing your items populating, like in the screenshot below!

Apple Calendar

Step 1

Using the copied link from WeTrack, head to your Apple Calendar and click on 'File'. In the list of options select 'New Calendar Subscription'.

Step 2

Paste the items URL from WeTrack into pop up box provided & press Subscribe

Step 3

In the pop-up window, you can name the added calendar and update its settings.

Please note: The default calendar auto-refresh for Apple is set to Every Week. We would recommend you set this to Every Day.

How items are displayed and what's included.

  • Tasks and Sub Tasks

Tasks and Sub-Tasks' start and due dates will be displayed separately in your calendar, with both taking all day appointments (ie. appearing at the top of the day). Key information such as RAG status, Project Title, Task Group and Owner(s) will also display on the event within your calendar once clicked on.

  • Risks, Issues and Opportunities

Risks, etc. only have due dates and these will be displayed in the calendar as all day appointments. Key information such as RAG rating, Impact, Likelihood, Project Title and Department(s) will also display on the event once clicked on.

  • Actions

Actions only have due dates so these will be displayed in the calendar as all day appointments. Key information such as Event Title, Event Description and Action Details such as Status, RAG Rating, Type and Owner(s) will also display on the event once clicked on.

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