Before Getting Started:

It's easy to link a bank account to your WhatsGood profile so you can receive payment directly from customers.

Please make sure you have the following items on hand when you go to set up your account:

  • A picture of your license or other valid photo ID (ie. Passport)  

  • Your business's tax ID 

  • Your business's bank account log in, or routing number and account number.  

Step 1

To add your account, click Settings in the left-hand menu to navigate to the Payment Account tab.  

Step 2

Enter your business information, and click to submit.  

Step 3

Enter the information for a business representative, and click to submit.

Step 4

Connect your bank account. You'll be asked to select your bank and login using your online banking credentials**. Once completed your bank will be verified and linked to your WhatsGood profile! You do not need to continue to steps 5 & 6.

*** Don't see your bank or don't want to log into your bank using Plaid?
You'll need to complete the manual verification process. Click on "Don't see your bank?" at the bottom of the page and proceed to steps 5 & 6.

Step 5

Follow the link to add your bank account information manually. Once you've filled out the appropriate fields, click save. Within three business days, you'll receive two "micro-deposits" to the bank account you connected. You will use those deposited amounts to verify the linked account.

Step 6

Once you have received the "micro-deposits" log into your WhatsGood profile, go to Settings -> Payment Account. You'll see "Verify now" besides your bank account. Enter the value of the two deposited amounts.

For example, if you received $0.23 and $0.14. You will enter "23" and 14" into the verification fields.

Video Walkthrough

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