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How To Navigate a Whistic Profile Shared with Me
How To Navigate a Whistic Profile Shared with Me
For: People that received an invitation to view a seller's Whistic Profile
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Congratulations! Rather than sending a security assessment questionnaire back and forth with your vendor, you've received access to their Whistic Profile!

The Whistic Profile is designed for sellers to share their security information with partners and prospects. The seller's Whistic Profile likely contains all of the information you will need to assess their security. It may also contain documentation, certifications, NDAs, and anything else to make your security assessment simple and fast.

You were likely invited to view the Whistic Profile through an email invitation. Here are the steps to access that Profile.

1. Open the invitation email and follow the link - example below. If someone other than you should have received the Whistic Profile invitation, there is a link in the email you can follow to reassign access. (Caution: Once a profile share has been reassigned, you will no longer have access to that profile)

2. Complete registration (go here for assistance). You will use this same account to view any future requests or invitations with Whistic.

3. You will land on the Dashboard or be directed straight to the Whistic Profile. In the box labeled Whistic Profiles Shared With Me you will see the seller's profile listed. Select View Profile.

It is possible that the Whistic Profile is protected by an NDA. In this case, the NDA will appear and request that you agree to it prior to accessing the Whistic Profile contents.

4. The page below will open. You can review any of the following to assess the sender's security:

  • You will note the layout of the profile selected is first the About section where you can select Show More or Show Less followed by Audits and Certifications, Questionnaires, Additional Documents, and Security Team.

  • The Profile Quick Links will open any section selected.

  • Shown here are the Audits and Certifications and Questionnaires.

  • The CSA Questionnaire is outlined in blue and the details of the questionnaire along with the documents associated with that questionnaire appear on the right.

  • Overall the new look and feel will be more intuitive and easier to navigate.

Print/Export a Copy of the Accepted NDA

Once the NDA is accepted you will be able to retrieve a copy of the NDA from inside the profile. To locate the NDA, on the top right you will see "View NDA". After you have clicked "View NDA" the NDA will populate and there will be an option to Print or Export a copy. NDAs are only required once for all profile shares and recipients within a company domain (account).

Please Note: A session timeout can occur if you wait longer than 15 minutes before attempting to download or view a document. A session timeout is indicated with the errors below. Simply refresh the screen and attempt the download or view again. You may need to do this a couple of times and perhaps in a fresh browser session. We hope to improve this in the future (#DEV-1109588166166249).

Timeout Errors:

"PDF.js v2.6.57 (build: 76c592cf5)
Message: undefined"

"An error occurred while loading the PDF"

5. Profiles show when questionnaires were created and updated. These new fields will also show on the questionnaire itself, in addition to the existing dates of Requested and Shared.

6. Celebrate! You've just completed a security review!

If you use Whistic to access vendors, you can also find the share in your Vendor Catalog. If the share is later canceled, then all corresponding content is removed.

If you need the sender's contact information generally it will be on your dashboard. If it is not, please contact us! We may be able to provide that per ticket #DEV-1109588166166366.

If you are not receiving the email or don't see the request on your dashboard, confirm with the sender that they spelled your email address correctly.

For any questions, please chat with (below) or email and we'll be happy to help.


  • Why am I getting 401 or 400 errors when interacting with documents?

    • It's possible the page session or link has expired. Please refresh your page or link on the corresponding profile link on your dashboard.

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