Your Whistic account can have as many users as you need although the ability to add users and manage users is a feature that only paying customers have access to. To get started adding users, follow the steps below.

1. Open Admin Tools from the left navigation menu

2. Select User Management from the sub-menu

3. Select Add User in the top right of the page. If you would like to edit user(s), you can search by Name, Email, and Privilege. You'll see the results automatically as you type. A tally can be found at the bottom of the results by page customization. You can then edit a user by clicking the Edit button (Skip to step #5).

4. A window will appear. Complete the form, including the Title, First Name, Last Name, and Email. Then, select the appropriate privileges. Select Save.

Note: Contact information gathered during the registration process or when adding a user may be displayed internally and externally. For example, contact information may be displayed when you send an assessment request (details).

The newly added user will get an email to complete their Whistic registration. The subject will be "Welcome to Whistic" and have a button that says "Complete Your Account." Most of our emails come from They will then confirm their information, provide a password and verify their email. The verify email default expiration is 48 hours. Once registered, they will have access to Whistic according to the permissions you provided.

5. If you edit a user, the popup with will look like this. Making a user "managed" gives a user access to your companies data. Unmanaged users are connected to your company, but do not have access to your companies data. Email cannot be edited. Contact for details.

What's Next?

  • For help completing registration - go HERE.

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