If you need help completing the questionnaire request, you can add team members! Once added, team members can collaborate to complete sections of questionnaire as applicable. 

Once you add team members, you will also retain access. The added team members will gain access to the entire questionnaire. You can also assign specific questions to individuals one at a time, go HERE for more information. 

Steps to Complete:

1. Open the questionnaire you would like to add collaborators on.

2. In the top center under Team Members, you will see the initials of everyone with access. Select the + icon to add a team member. 

3. A window will appear with the list of everyone that has access. Select the button Add New

4. An additional window will appear requesting the Title, First Name, Last Name, and Email of the new collaborator. Complete and Save.

5. The added team member will receive an email invitation to register and join work on the questionnaire. 

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