In order to add a vendor, the Intake Form must be completed. This guide will review accessing the Vendor Intake Form from the Vendor Catalog. You can also distribute an Intake Form link to other business units which allows them to add vendors without requiring a Whistic account. To learn more, go HERE

The method below is designed to be used by Whistic users, typically within your own security teams. 

1. Open the Vendor Catalog from the main menu

2. Select Add Vendor from the top right

3. A window will appear requesting the vendor URL. Enter the URL domain with the   format: [companyname].com. A website is required for all vendors added to the catalog. If a vendor does not have a website, please do not use your own company's URL. Type in a fake domain that is some combination of your company's and vendor's names (i.e. This ensures there will not be any kind of confusion in our system or for your team.

4. The Vendor Intake Form will generate. Complete and submit the Intake Form. 

5. Once the vendor is added, Whistic will automatically present the option to request a security questionnaire from the new vendor. That option can be closed and cancelled. If you would like to avoid this step altogether and provide more access for vendor creation, Whistic Admins (and those who do not have an account and are given the external vendor intake request form) can reference THIS article.

If your company has SSO configured, the same restriction configurations apply.

What's Next?

  • Request a questionnaire/assessment from a vendor - go HERE

  • To learn about customizing your Vendor Intake Form - go HERE

  • Add vendors via bulk upload - go HERE.

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