The Vendor Intake Form enables your Security Team to specify exactly what information they need in order to identify and categorize the risks presented by working with a vendor. It must be completed prior to adding any vendor to your Vendor Catalog.

The Security Team will use information gathered by the Intake Form to determine how best to conduct the security review of that vendor. For example, a vendor with access to high-risk data may need a more thorough security questionnaire. 

As a result, it is essential that you customize your Intake Form to the needs and risks of your industry.

Please do not delete any default (original) fields in the intake form without consulting first with your Customer Success Manager. Doing so can cause issues that are difficult and, in rare cases, impossible to remedy. We will be improving this feature soon in ticket DEV-1109588166162429.

If you already have vendors in your catalog, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Changing a field in your intake form and then publishing it will apply that change to all your current vendor records. This can take up to 10 minutes to finish.

  2. This applies for additions, removals and alterations. Alterations preserve the associated answers/input unless the option or field is removed.

  3. For additions, you can edit the vendor(s) individually or use the bulk vendor import feature shown HERE. We recommend no changes be made through the bulk vendor import during this process to avoid confusion and the risk of data corruption.

To customize the Vendor Intake Form:

1. From the main menu, select Admin Tools

2. From sub-menu, select Custom Intake Form 

3. A form building application will open. There are several tools available within to create a fully customized form that meets your needs. Here are a few items to point out:

  • The default form is robust and includes a section for Vendor Information, Business Sponsor Information, Business Unit Information, and Internal Systems & Data Classification. 

  • After adding a section, drag components from the left menu and then customize those components using the right menu. The example below shows a new section being added. Then, a dropdown component is added to that new section. Finally, the dropdown component name and selection options are renamed. 

  • The buttons in the top right are used to Reset, Save and Publish the form accordingly. Be sure to Save and then Publish your work so that your form gets updated!

  • Add logic to the form by selecting a field and then selecting Edit in the right formatting panel. Logic will allow questions to display only when the criteria you have determined is met.

  • The toggle in the top center allows you to preview what the form will look like for users. 

  • Please confirm that your changes were applied to any pre-existing vendors as expected. These changes may take up to 10 minutes to finish syncing.

Some fields are limited to one change only (the "Include on Vendor Intake Email" checkbox). By default, this is unchecked. This applies to the following 7 fields: Vendor URL, Vendor Name, Product / Service Name, Type of Vendor, Requester First Name, Last Name, Email Address.

Whats next?

  • Access and distribute the Intake Form Link - go HERE

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