Security Questionnaires can be requested and canceled by opening the Vendor Catalog and then selecting the Vendor you would like to take action on. A questionnaire request can also be CANCELED and REASSIGNED after it was requested. 

Ideally, the vendor is expecting a questionnaire request. If not, it may help to reach out and inform the vendor that the assessment request will be facilitated through Whistic.

Here is the process:

1. Open the Vendor Catalog from the main menu

2. Find the Vendor you would like to take action on.

3. In the Vendor Profile, the first dropdown menu is Assessment Activity. Select the button, Start Assessment. 

3.1) If the company has a profile on the Trust catalog that hasn't been imported. A window will appear with a list profiles that this company has added to the trust catalog. If the questionnaire have added any questionnaires you will have an opportunity to import the questionnaire without needing to bother requesting a new questionnaire. If you don't see that they have published the needed questionnaire you can use the option to Request Questionnaire.

Note: If you import multiple profiles for the same customer there will only be one profile indicator on the assessment activity. If the profile is updated you will be notified when you click the "Start Assessment" button again.

4. If you choose to request a new questionnaire you will see a screen like the the one below asking you to select a questionnaire recipient or add a new one.

5. Next, you will see a list of your questionnaires. Select the one(s) you would like to request. 

6. The final window will confirm all the information. If everything looks good, select Send to Vendor

The contact will receive an email from Whistic inviting them to register and complete the questionnaire. Once complete, the vendor contact will share the questionnaire with you for review. You will be notified via email. 

What's Next?

  • Conduct a review of the questionnaire

  • Ask follow up clarification questions

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