If you are not the correct person to complete a customer's security questionnaire on behalf of your company, you can reassign the request. 

If you have not already registered and reassign the questionnaire, you will no longer have access to the questionnaire. If instead, you would like to collaborate together on the request instead of transferring ownership, please go HERE for more information. 

1. Open the email from Whistic inviting you to complete the request.

2. Near the bottom, select the option: CLICK HERE to grant access to a colleague. Please note that this specific email link can only be used to reassign once. And the person who you reassign to, will be the last person who will be able to reassign from an email. After that, the requester will have sole access to reassignments.

3. A webpage will open with a form requesting the information of the person you would like to access and complete the assessment. The individual will receive an email inviting them to register and complete the request. 

The questionnaire can also be reassigned by the individual that sent the request. You can contact that person directly and ask that they reassign the questionnaire. If you are unsure who sent the request, go HERE for more information. 

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