We created Whistic as a more dynamic, intelligent alternative to pouring over security questionnaire spreadsheets. Occasionally however, an offline spreadsheet option is helpful. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This feature is intended to provide an offline option. It does not allow for the import of any pre-completed questionnaire (ie. a CAIQ in the original CSA formatting will not upload). The imported file must be done with the same file that was originally exported and by the same user. 

1. Open the Questionnaire. Select Export in the top right.

2. A file will download. Open the file. IMPORTANT: Please change this file as little as possible Whistic can recognize the information in step 5 and 6 below. For example, do not change the file name, delete rows or columns, change the order of the questions, etc.

3. Complete the questionnaire and save your work. IMPORTANT: The answers must match the criteria found in the web form. For example, if the question can only be answered Yes or No in the web version, the spreadsheet version must only include one of those options. There is a separate column for comments if you would like to provide them.

4. Once ready, select Import. A window will appear with instructions. Select Import Spreadsheet.

5. Select the file to upload.

6. Whistic will then transfer the spreadsheet answers to the web version. 

Importing to specific question types:

There are several different question types that can be utilized in a questionnaire. Among these are Button questions (such as Yes/No, Multiple choice/choose one from list, Multiple select/choose many from list), text box questions and file upload type questions. The following should be kept in mind when importing answers from a spreadsheet.

  • Button question types are not case sensitive. For example if you spell "yes" in all lower case it will still map correctly even if the answer was supposed to be "Yes".

  • Button questions will not import if not spelled correctly. If this happens they will still show up if filtered by "Unanswered Questions"

  • When importing to a multi-select question only those answers that are spelled correctly will be imported.

  • File Import questions cannot be imported via spreadsheet.

NOTE: If the importer did not recognize an answer, a notification will appear stating Some Responses Were Not Imported. This means that an answer did not meet the correct reply criteria and was not imported. To continue, select Unanswered Questions. All questions that were not imported will automatically appear in the web form for you to complete there (demonstration below). 

If you would like to correct your spreadsheet and re-import the file, select Show Errors. You will see a list of errors, including your reply alongside the acceptable reply. Make the necessary adjustments to your spreadsheet, save, and re-import. 

For additional assistance, please chat with us using the icon in the bottom right or email support@whistic.com. 

7. Once all of the required questions are answered, you will automatically see a prompt to Share your Questionnaire. If this prompt does not appear after the upload, you will need to ensure all of the questions are answered. 

Additional Help:

  • Exploring other options to share your questionnaire? Go HERE.

  • Need assistance completing a questionnaire request? Go HERE

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