As a security platform, registration is required prior to accessing information in Whistic. You may have received an invitation to register as the result of:

  • A security questionnaire request

  • A Whistic Profile share (Security documents, assessments, certifications, etc.)

  • A colleague requesting help to complete a security questionnaire 

  • Your company's Whistic administrator granting you access/privileges

Follow the below steps to complete registration.

1. Open the email invite. The specific content will vary depending on the reason for registration. Generally, it will include a button such as Start Your Self Assessment, View Whistic Profile, or Complete Your Account. Select the button to begin registration.

2.  A window will open that includes your basic information. Update the information as needed, create your password, agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and then select Register. The information that is greyed out cannot be changed.

Note: Contact information gathered during the registration process may be displayed internally and externally. For example, contact information may be displayed when you send an assessment request (details).

All set! Once logged in, the system will automatically open to the questionnaire request or profile share. Otherwise, you can navigate to the Dashboard to get started.

What's next?

  • Complete a security questionnaire request  - Go HERE

  • View security documents in a Profile - Go HERE.

If you expected an invitation email, but did not receive it, please contact us at so we can assist in troubleshooting.

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