Once you have completed a questionnaire, you can share it with anyone through Whistic. Here is the process:

1. Complete the questionnaire. You can only share a questionnaire once complete.

2. If you completed the questionnaire as part of a security review request, a window will automatically appear once you complete the final question. The window will inform you that You've completed your Questionnaire. The requestor details are automatically set and all you need to do is:

  • Verify you have reviewed the answers

  • Select the Share button

IMPORTANT: Was the questionnaire an industry recognized standard questionnaire such as the CAIQ, SIG, CIS, etc?

  • If yes, you'll be able to publish the the completed questionnaire to Whistic's Trust Catalog. The Trust Catalog is a repository of companies where Whistic Customers can find and assess potential vendors.

After sharing your questionnaire, Whistic will ask if you would like to publish your standard questionnaire to the Trust Catalog. If published in the Trust Catalog, potential customers can find and assess your security proactively. No more completing the same questionnaires!

There are two different options to publish (screenshot below):

  • Available on demand - Whistic customers can access the questionnaire without any action needed from you.

  • Requires approval - When a Whistic customer is attempting to view your questionnaire, Whistic will email you and request approval for them to access it.

Once saved to the Trust Catalog, you can always return and remove it. Simply open the questionnaire and select Remove from Trust Catalog.

3. After sharing your questionnaire with the original requester you can share it with additional people. Selecting the Share Report button again will open another window requesting where to send the questionnaire.

The recipient will get an email inviting them to view the questionnaire in Whistic.

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