January 2020 Product Release
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As a welcome to the New Year, we have several exciting product enhancements to announce!

Document Repository 

  • Save time with bulk document uploading. 

  • Pull documents from one central location for use throughout your account.

  • Track where each document is being used.

  • To enable the updated Document Repository Features, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 

Security Profile

  • Set a standard expiration timeframe for the Security Profiles you share. For example, you can create one Profile and each time it is shared it will automatically expire after 1 week. 

  • You can even adjust the expiration date after sending, as needed.

  • Users with the 'Send Self-Assessment / Security Profile' privilege are restricted from downloading profile documents.


  • Access all your active vendor reviews from the Dashboard.

Questionnaire Answer Mapping

  • Transfer your answers from one questionnaire version to another. For example, if you already have the CAIQ 3.0.1 completed and would like to update to the 3.1 version, Whistic will start the process for you by completing any corresponding answers. 

  • This includes transferring your answers between the condensed or expanded version of each standard. For example, you can transfer your CIS Top 20 answers to the CIS Top 5. 

Questionnaire Reviews

  • During a questionnaire review, you can manually change the score of a question for a more dynamic evaluation. Rather than each question being 'all or nothing,' you can score it somewhere in-between. 

  • Contact your Customer Success Manager to have this feature enabled. This feature will also move your account to CrowdConfidence V3 scoring which now gives N/A answers full points. Any previous vendor or self-assessments will be rescored.

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