The Trust Catalog is a great tool for customers who are just starting out. There are almost 15,000 vendors in the Trust Catalog. Due to our partnership with RiskRecon and the CSA, If a vendor has a RiskRecon score or completed the CAIQ on the CSA platform, they are in our Trust Catalog and import to your Vendor Catalog super easy. If they completed the CAIQ through the CSA platform, this can save you lots of time doing a simple search for the vendor in the Trust Catalog eliminating the need to assess them. If you want further context about what the scores mean, you can contact RiskRecon or use their help center. Follow the steps below to learn how to import vendors from the Trust Catalog.

  1. Access the Trust Catalog from the navigation menu on the left

2. This will bring you to our Trust Catalog where you can apply some filters to show certain vendors based on a CrowdConfidence score or a particular questionnaire completed. You can also do a search at the top to make things faster instead of scrolling through almost 15,000 vendors. See below: 

3. To select vendors to add to your Vendor Catalog, Select the blue plus sign labeled "Import to My Catalog" at the bottom of each company square. Once the vendor is imported, that will be replaced with a checkmark labeled "Imported to My Catalog".
NOTE: When you import a companies profile to your vendor catalog they will receive an email notification advising them of it.

4. Selecting the company square will also show a pop-up box of more information about the vendor such as questionnaires they've completed, accompanying CrowdConfidence and Bitsight Scores, and more. If you do encounter a profile without any content, we recommend not importing it. There is likely an updated version that has the content you want. See below:

5. you can now access your Vendor Catalog and see the vendors that were added. See below:

*Notice how Twilio has the questionnaires they completed as well as the Assessment Progress says Pending and the Questionnaire Progress says Pending Review. This is because they completed the CAIQ and CAIQ-Lite through the CSA platform. Now, instead of having to assess Twilio, you can skip that part and just start the review. Once the vendors are imported, you need to get a contact at the vendor, and then you will be able to send an assessment for them to complete. 

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