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How To Complete a Questionnaire Request
How To Complete a Questionnaire Request
For: Users that received a request to complete a security questionnaire in Whistic
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What Is Whistic?

Whistic is a security platform that allows businesses to assess the risk of their vendors and partners. To accomplish this, a business will request that their vendors complete a security questionnaire using Whistic. The questionnaire may be an industry-recognized standard such as the CAIQ or could be a customized questionnaire - all housed for use within Whistic.

Whistic is an intuitive web application that facilitates these requests without relying on large email chains and cumbersome spreadsheets. 

How to Complete a Questionnaire Request

1. Open the email request and select Start Your Self Assessment - example below:

Currently only the requester of this questionnaire can cancel it. If you'd like to know who the request is, you'll need to access that through your Whistic account and steps below.

2. Complete registration. For assistance, go HERE or contact

3.  Immediately after completing registration, a page will open welcoming you to Whistic. Select Let's get started! 

If you have already started work on the questionnaire or do not receive the Welcome page as shown below, you can access the questionnaire from your dashboard. For help finding the questionnaire go HERE.

4. You are then directed to the questionnaire form to begin completing the request. The questionnaire will automatically save as you answer the questions. Notice the different tools available to help navigate the form:

  • Jump To - Allows you to easily find various sections

  • First Unanswered/Next Unanswered

  • Filter By - Allows filtering by Unanswered, Answered, Assigned to Me, Has Due Date, etc. 

The requester information can be found in the sidebar > Questionnaire Requested > Requester.

If you have questions about the questionnaire itself, generally they are your best contact to start with. Please make your own personal note with the requesters contact information. If you do not see this requester information, then the request was likely cancelled or reassigned. We hope to enhance this part of our app in the future (Ticket #KAIZ-849).

5. Once the form is complete, you will receive a prompt: Ready to share your Questionnaire? Select Share my Report to automatically transmit your completed questionnaire directly to the individual that requested it. They will also receive an email notification. 

You can also share your completed questionnaire with other businesses and individuals - go HERE to learn more about sharing. 

6. upon completing the questionnaire you may be prompted to publish this questionnaire to the Whistic Trust Catalog or add it to your Whistic Profile. You will have the option to make it available on demand or requiring your approval before others can access the questionnaire.


  1. How do I add a colleague to assist in completing the questionnaire?

    1. You can add collaborators using the button at the top of the questionnaire. Click HERE for more details.

  2. I'm not the right person to complete the questionnaire. How do I send it to my colleague?

    1. You can reassign the questionnaire using the link in your email. Click HERE for more info.

  3. Can I export the questionnaire in an offline spreadsheet?

    1. Yes! You can export the questionnaire to an excel spreadsheet. Click HERE for more details.

  4. Can I attach supporting documentation to the questionnaire?

    1. Absolutely! For information about attaching documents to a particular question click HERE.

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