If you started work on a questionnaire request and then saved it for later, there are two easy ways of re-opening the request. First, log in to Whistic HERE. Next, complete either option below to access the questionnaire. If the steps below do not help, you may need to do this step first for switching between company views.

Option 1: Via the Dashboard Menu

  1. Select the Dashboard option from the left menu

  2. Look in the section Outstanding Customer Requests in the bottom right

  3. You will see the request details with the option to Share Results. Select Share Results to open and resume work on the questionnaire. There may be several requests listed here, so make sure to choose the correct one. 

Option 2: Via the Questionnaire Menu

  1. Select Questionnaires from the left menu

  2. You will see a list of questionnaire tiles. Any questionnaire with an outstanding request will have a new row called Customer Requests alongside a red number, indicating the number of requests. The tile will also have a yellow border highlight. Select the tile to proceed. 

If you expect to have a request but are unable to find it, there is a chance it was reassigned or canceled. Please confirm with your contact if the request is still outstanding and assigned to you.

Find Previously Completed Questionnaire

Completed questionnaires are called reports within Whistic. If you would like to find questionnaires that you have already completed, go to Questionnaires in the menu. You will then see all questionnaires that you have access you. By hovering over a particular questionnaire, you will find options to view, share, etc. Some features are limited to payed plans such as viewing multiple reports/assessments, etc.

Additional Assistance

  • For help completing a questionnaire, go HERE.

  • If still unable to find the questionnaire - contact support@whistic.com or call 800.655.6905 x 2. 

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