Before starting, be sure you have access to the feature in step #6. The first step to building your Vendor Risk Management program in Whistic is to add the vendors into your Whistic Vendor Catalog. This article will review how to add your vendors or update pre-existing vendors through a bulk upload - the best option to immediately add several at one time. If you only need to add a couple of vendors, go HERE for additional instructions.

There are certain data points that may not be changeable through this process for old vendors. Vendor URL (domain) is one of them that cannot be changed after initially being set. If you have further question, please contact us.

This feature can cause permanent data loss to pre-existing vendors if not used properly. Please be careful with any bulk vendor changes. For example, if a question label has been changed on the Vendor Intake Form, that question is considered new. So the old question and associated option values, still present in the Vendor Catalog, can be overwritten if you proceed with the steps below. We recommend no changes be made through Vendor Intake Form during this process to avoid confusion and the risk of data corruption.

1. In the left navigation menu, select Admin Tools > Secure Upload

2. Select Vendor Import Template 

3. A window will appear, follow the instructions indicated. Select OK.

4. Refresh page. A file - Vendor Import Template.xlsx - will appear. Select the file to download. If you do not see your file, please wait for an email notification that your file is ready. Depending on the size of your vendor catalog (pre-existing), it can take up to 60 minutes for this file to generate.

5. Once the file is downloaded, if you have pre-existing data, please make a copy of the file and append "backup" at the end in case we need to attempt to restore lost data. Then you can open the original Excel file. Review Instructions tab. Move to Your Vendors tab and do a thorough review of any pre-existing data before editing. The data in this spreadsheet is what will replace any matching vendors in your Vendor Catalog. Any vendors not listed in this spreadsheet will not be effected by this process. Since these files are complex, we recommend making as few changes to them as possible to avoid issues (including uploading, migrating, etc). Once you approve of any data already present, please proceed to add and update vendors. Be sure to save the file when you are finished.

Note: A website is required for all vendors added to the catalog. If a vendor does not have a website, please do not use your own company's URL. Type in a fake domain that is some combination of your company's and vendor's names (i.e. This ensures there will not be any kind of confusion in our system or for your team.
Also, please do not modify the column headers of the import template. These need to be unaltered in order to import it back into the platform.

6. Back in Whistic, open Vendor Catalog from the left navigation menu. Select Upload Vendors. If you do not see this button, it's likely because this feature is not enabled for your company account or your user account does not have sufficient access (Admin/Manager Role). Please contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance in either case.

7. A window - Import Vendors - will appear. Select Import Spreadsheet. Upload your completed Vendor Import Template.

8. Wait a moment while the file is uploaded. A notification will indicate a successful upload. Once back on the Vendor Catalog, refresh the page. Congratulations! Your vendors are now updated in your catalog. If you do not see your changes, wait several seconds and refresh again. It is recommended to review your entire vendor catalog after this process.

If the upload was not successful, any errors will be indicated in the upload window with a reference to the issue. Data in the upload template must match the criteria found in the Vendor Catalog fields. Please contact us at for any questions.

9. If you notice anything wrong with your vendor data post-import, please report it to your CSM and Support along with the file backup that you saved in step #5. This file will likely be used to correct any data that is wrong.

What's Next?

  • Request a questionnaire/assessment from a vendor - go HERE

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