We've made the Whistic Assess process faster and clearer with these updates:

Privacy Shield Data in the Trust Catalog

  • Based on your feedback, Privacy Shield Certification intelligence is now available in the Trust Catalog.

  • You can easily see the Privacy Shield indicator after selecting a vendor from the Trust Catalog.

  • Once the vendor is imported to your Vendor Catalog, additional information is available - such as certification dates, current status and even convenient links to the vendor's Framework Certifications. When possible, we've also included links to the vendor's Privacy Statements. 

  • Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you would like to activate this feature. 

Workflow Enhancements for Vendor Clarification Requests

  • A vendor must address all clarification questions prior to completing the request. If a vendor attempts to submit the request with unanswered questions, a notification will indicate which questions remain. 

  • An updated progress bar clarifies the number of questions. 

New Assessment Completion Date Field

  • The Assessment Activity and Reporting features will now capture the Assessment Completion Date - regardless of how the vendor was assessed (ie. manually or via questionnaire review). 

Tooltip for Viewing Vendor Catalog Information

  • Designed for users that only have access to the Vendor Catalog and need to view a condensed field - simply hover over to expand and view the entire comment. 

Update Questionnaire Version Reminder

  • As updated security questionnaire standards are released, Whistic will remind you to update your self-assessment. The reminder will only appear for questionnaire standards that you have completed. For example, if you completed the CAIQ 3.0.1 in the past, a reminder will appear to update your self-assessment to the CAIQ 3.1. 

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