While completing a questionnaire request, some questions will require you to provide a document. However, you can attach a document to any question, even if not required or requested. The document can be a picture, spreadsheet, PDF, etc.  

  1. Open the questionnaire request. Go here for help finding the request in Whistic.

  2. Find the question. Select More Options, then Attach File from the dropdown - see 2 in image below. Note, if the question has a free text reply, a button to Attach File will already be visible. 

  3. An Upload button will appear, select the button. The option to choose a file from your computer will appear. Find and select file. 

Once the questionnaire has been shared with a recipient, they can download the file. You can attach multiple files to each question. 

Additional Help:

  • Need to share a questionnaire? Go HERE.

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