Please read this article carefully to ensure that it meets your requirements and will not have adverse effects for your situation. This article does not cover all scenarios that may apply to your account. If this feature is used, we require that you manually confirm that all data was merged as you expect afterwards. Please contact your CSM or if you have any questions or would like to test certain types of scenarios beforehand.

An alternative to using this feature is to update the unwanted vendor name to "[Vendor Name] Archived" to make it obvious to your team which vendor to use. You may also archive the unwanted vendor once it is no longer needed to avoid confusion.

This feature creates a third, new vendor record that ties to the same company account as the vendor you make primary. The vendor created date will be the date you initiate the merge. The third (merged) vendor record is left open and the first two vendor records are archived. If needed, you can request these to be unarchived from

Summary Of Merged Data

Fully Merged Data Points:

  1. Documents Repository (.docx, .pdf, .xlsx)

  2. Vendor Contacts (Mostly)

Merged From Primary Vendor Only:

  1. Assessment Activity

  2. Vendor Name

  3. Vendor Description

  4. Service / Product

  5. Website

  6. Vendor Status

  7. Assessment Status

  8. Program Automation (Or Made Blank)

Merged From Secondary Vendor (If Not Provided By Primary Vendor):

  1. Business Unit

  2. Number of Users

  3. Follow Up

  4. Payment and Contract Information (Excludes Bill Address)

  5. Access to Systems (Requires Review - Not Auto-checked If Edited)

  6. Access to Data (Requires Review - Adds Duplicate Option)

  7. Notes

  8. Vendor Intake Form (Drop-downs & Text Fields)

Steps To Use Feature

  1. Please locate the two vendors you are wanting to merge and select either one.

 2. Select Edit Vendor.

3. Select Merge.

4. Search for the vendor you are wanting to merge with and select Next.

5. Select the Primary Account and select Next.

6. The last page will give a brief description of what is happening. Select Finish.

7. Confirm that all data points are what you expect and contact if you have any question or require further assistance.

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