This release allows users more control over who can view their publicly available Whistic Profile. There are also updates to the Dashboard and improvements to the data available in a questionnaire review export.

Require Approval to Access your Public Whistic Profile

  • Require approval for requests to access your Profile. If on, all requests will be sent to you for approval prior to the requester gaining access. If off, requests will gain immediate access to your Profile.

  • When on, you can view pending requests awaiting action in your Dashboard under the section Pending Profile Requests.

  • Reporting now also tracks how your profile was shared (ie. a manual share or public link request) as well as the status of each share.

  • Learn more HERE

Dashboard Simplification

  • To clean and simplify the Dashboard, sections displaying action items will only appear if some action is needed.

  • For example, you will only see the new Pending Profile Requests section on your dashboard if there is a request requiring Approval / Decline.

More Data in the Excel Export of a Reviewed Questionnaire

  • Once a questionnaire is reviewed, you can now access expanded data in the exported Excel report.

  • Expanded data includes: compliant answer, if answer was compliant, question weight, if answer was flagged and if answer needed clarification.

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