We've been working on enhancements to both the Whistic Asses and Whistic Profile sides of the platform. As always, you can contact your Customer Success Manager or the Support Team if you have any questions.

Whistic Assess

Intake Form Logic

Customize your vendor intake form, making it easier to complete by only showing the questions that need to be answered. The new conditional logic allows you to configure fields to be shown or hidden for any field that is yes/no or multiple choice.

For more information on using the Custom Intake Form - go HERE.

Questionnaire Filter in Trust Catalog

Want to see everyone that has a CAIQ-Lite or any other standard available in the Trust Catalog? You can now filter by anyone who has a questionnaire or filter for a specific questionnaire.

Whistic Profile

Profile Subscription

In the past, sharing your profile was done in a ‘snapshot’ or point in time. Now give your customers access to your current Whistic profile at any time. This subscription level access means that whenever they login to view, they will see the latest contents of your profile.

You can adjust this setting by opening your profile and then selecting Profile Options > Share Settings. A window will appear allowing you to choose between Snapshot and Subscription.

Restrict Download of PDF Docs and Images

We now support making individual PDF documents and images that are part of your Security Profile view-only for recipients. This will allow the recipient to view an in-browser version of the document without being able to download the file.

You can adjust this setting by opening your profile and selecting Edit Profile. Once in edit mode, locate the document you would like to adjust, select the gear icon and a window will appear with an option to allow document download or not.

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