When a vendor has finished and shared their questionnaire, the requester will receive an email notification. Below are the steps that can then be taken to start a review (Steps 1-3), create review report (Steps 4-6), and use an existing report (Steps 1, 2, 5, 6). For a more general overview of the entire vendor assessment process, click here.

1. Open the questionnaire report via the email notification link or by clicking on the link on the Dashboard. If the "Active Vendor Reviews" block is not there, you can click: Vendor Catalog (left sidebar menu) > (Vendor Name) > Assessment Activity > Questionnaire "View Report" (button).

2. Let the questionnaire load. This may take a minute depending on the size.

3. If you would like to use a review that already exists, skip to step #5. If a review does not already exist or is still in process, you may proceed to review the answers that has been submitted by the vendor. Clicking on the approve and other icons is an optional step and not needed do a review. Screenshot below.

4. If applicable to the questionnaire, you will notice a colored, circular icon in the top, right corner of each question. This indicates the state of the vendor's answer (Green = Compliant, Red = Not Compliant, Gray = Skipped/Not Applicable). Screenshot below.

5. (optional) If clarification is needed, click the information icon per question or check an entire section as necessary. Please note the "External" checkbox which is for vendors. External comments will have an "External" tag on them. Also make sure the icon is selected and yellow or it will not be sent. You can confirm how many questions will be sent in the tally at the bottom of the screen. Click "send" once you are done with all clarifications that are needed. The vendor will then have the opportunity to respond as seen in this article. This back and forth will continue until you are satisfied and ready to move on to the next step. Each vendor clarification response will be visible to you immediately as the vendor reviews each of your comments. Please note, that the vendor may change their initial question response when they respond to your request. For example, they may add or remove Supporting Documents if needed. The "Export Report" downloads the spreadsheet version of the questionnaire.

(Custom Questionnaires)

If a skipped (gray colored icon) does not show a Needs Clarification icon, this is due to logic and applies only to custom questionnaires. If the question is not required and was skipped, a Needs Clarification can still be requested. Recipients are able to skip questions that are not required and share it back to the requestor. To avoid this, ensure that “Required” is selected when building a custom questionnaire.

During a clarification request process, you will see a new temporary record in Assessment Activity until the vendor has completed the entire process (including Step #8 found HERE). Clarification responses will be visible to you, however changes to their last answer to the question will only be available after the vendor has indicated that they are done by executing Step #8 found HERE).

You can edit or delete individual clarifications with the options below. Any clarifications that are yellow will remain applicable to the review report and vendor. If the icon is toggled off (gray), the question is not in a Needs Clarification state (or applicable to the vendor review/assessment).

If you need to interrupt a clarification request, we recommend you cancel it before continuing the review. This will not remove the requirement for the vendor to provide any other information.

(Optional) If you need to grant access to another team member within your company to assist you in the review process, you can do this by adding a reviewer. At the top right of the questionnaire review, click the plus sign under “Reviewers”. Select a team member(s) that you would like to grant access to and click “Save”. To remove reviewers, you can unselect the team member(s) and click “Save”.

6. Once you are ready to finish a review and start creating a report, click "Finish Review." You will see any issues that may have been noted. You must then submit a short written summary. Finally, you will adjust the status you would like to apply to the vendor as needed and click "Create Report."

7. You will then notice 3 new buttons: Share Report, Edit Review, and Export Review. At this point, if you leave the report, you can always find it again by clicking "View Report" in the Assessment Activity box on the vendor's detail page which you can get to via your vendor catalog.

8. Exporting an Excel version will give you all the data including the completed questionnaire. The PDF version is a simple overview of the assessment. You can remove, edit and re-order certain parts of the report. As you make these adjustments, you will see these changes immediately reflected in the visual preview box. Hovering over this box and scrolling will allow you to see all the content. Your changes will be saved as you make them. For example, removing a section such as "Needs Clarification" does not erase any changes you made to that section of this specific export. However, once you leave this popup window, only the section order will be saved for future PDF exports so be sure to download any PDFs you want with the customizations you've made. Any other edits will be gone and the basic report will be restored for other exports.

If you'd like further assistance, please contact your Customer Success Manager directly or the General Support team. Support can be reached at info@whistic.com. We'll try to keep this article up-to-date as we continue to improve Whistic and welcome any suggestions you may have.

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