This article will give you a basic overview of the entire vendor assessment process with links for each step to learn more. Here we refer to the "Customer" as a specific customer user account that has access privileges to perform the associated steps. Likewise, "Vendor" is reference below in the same way.

  1. Customer sends request to vendor for questionnaire submission. This entire process is considered an assessment. One assessment can include multiple questionnaires. If possible, please confirm with your vendor who the correct requestee contact is before requesting. Currently all users who, at any point, we're assigned the assessment will receive notifications until step #6 is done. This will be improved soon.

  2. Customer can reassign or cancel request if needed.

  3. Vendor is notified, can reassign request, add a collaborator, etc.

  4. Vendor finds, completes and shares the questionnaire. The vendor's assessment content is not available until step #5. This allows the vendor's team to verify all information before sending.

  5. Customer is notified and starts the review process. Other reviewers can be added.

  6. During that review, clarification requests can be sent back to the customer who is then notified. This continues until customer is satisfied. If you need to interrupt a clarification request, we recommend you cancel it before continuing the review. This will not remove the requirement for the vendor to provide any other information. Details can be found here.

  7. Customer then completes the assessment by finishing the review and creating a report.

  8. Customer can always reference this specific questionnaire assessment report or the overall vendor assessment status on the vendor's detail page via the Vendor Catalog. The available Vendor Assessment Statuses are: Review Pending, Review In Progress, On Hold, Completed, Approved, Approved with Conditions, Denied, and Cancelled. If you do not see the "View Report" button, then the vendor has not shared it back after completing. For details about using an existing report, click here. See screenshots below.

If you need further assistance, please contact your Customer Success Manager directly or the General Support team. Support can be reached at We'll try to keep this article up-to-date as we continue to improve Whistic and welcome any suggestions you may have.

Other Notes

  1. Terms

    1. Assessment Progress & Assessment Status are the same unless there is an assessment in progress with the vendor. At which point you'll likely have percentages for the Progress and Awaiting Vendor as the status.

  2. Whistic C2C

    1. If your request went to a company who uses Whistic as well, it's likely that they already have a process setup and ready to respond to requests like yours. They should receive a notification and respond as appropriate.

    2. Further more, the process above may even be enforced if they have configured SSO login access to only certain teams or individuals. In any case, your initial recipient always as the option to reassign the request if needed (DETAILS).

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