We are wrapping up another year of product improvements with one of our biggest ones yet!


Chat enabled for vendors and profile recipients

In addition to email and phone support, users that are completing a questionnaire request or reviewing your whistic profile documents can now communicate via chat with our Support team!

The team is available from 9a - 5p MST, helping answer any questions to ensure your requests are efficiently satisfied.

Updated user permissions

Read Self-Assessment / Whistic Profile is no longer a 'Read-Only' permission. It can be used in combination with Send Self-Assessment / Whistic Profile but not with Answer Self-Assessment / Edit Security Profile.

Learn more here.

Whistic is now on v7.1 of CIS Controls

Through the development of CIS Controls v7.1, your organization can more easily, create an effective cybersecurity program on a budget and practice cyber hygiene with limited resources and expertise. Learn more here.

Whistic upgrades to SIG 2021

The 2021 Standardized Information Gathering (SIG) Questionnaire Tool expands content and controls around resilience, privacy, data governance, data loss, and remote risk. Learn more here.

Whistic Assess

Faster vendor reassessment

Is your original vendor contact that completed the assessment last year no longer with that company? No problem! Once you identify a new contact, simply send that new contact a reassessment and they will have access to the previously completed questionnaire even if done by a different user. Your vendor will thank you and you'll save time not waiting for an entirely new questionnaire!

This is true for both assessments sent manually via the Vendor Profile > Assessment Activity or through Program Automation (just be sure to update the contact).

Trust Catalog improvements

Import vendors into the Vendor Catalog with one click

Give more visibility to the vendors you’re working with by importing their Profile from the Trust Catalog to your Vendor Catalog and see the certifications and questionnaires they’ve completed right on the card.

Improved side panel view in the Trust Catalog - Quickly see every questionnaire, certification, and other documentation associated with a profile by clicking a card in the Trust Catalog.

Questionnaire review improvements

Customize PDF vendor report - Customize the PDF report by dragging and dropping sections to their desired location or even hiding sections that aren’t relevant.

Edit and delete control and section comments - Improve management of security reviews by being able to edit and delete control and section comments.

Whistic Profile

Share your Whistic Profile to the Trust Catalog

In addition to manually sharing your profile and publishing a public access link, you can now share your Profile to Whistic's Trust Catalog. There, other Whistic users will be able to proactively access your profile. You can continually manage the profile content so that viewers will have the most updated version of your profile.

To enable this feature, simply open your Whistic Profile from the main menu and select Profile Options. Then, select Trust Catalog from the dropdown and the window (below) will appear indicating if you would like your profile to be Active in the Trust Catalog.

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