This feature is designed to allow individuals within your company to access a read-only view of your vendor catalog, with no additional access. They can refer to this catalog in order to determine what vendors are approved, in review, etc. You should have SSO set up to use this feature.

Access to this feature may require an upgraded plan and additional access to Whistic. Please contact your CSM for details before proceeding with the steps below.

1. Set up SSO - If your company has not already, contact or your CSM to set up Whistic for your SSO. This is the process if you are using Okta (link). The process will be similar for other SSO tools you may be using.

2. Get the link - Go to your Vendor Catalog and select the button Copy Read-Only Link (see below).

3. Share the link with any other users you would like to have read-only access to your vendor catalog information via your SSO setup.

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