There is plenty to love about February's product updates!

As always, access to some of these features will depend on your product package, company settings and/or user settings. Please consult your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Branding and Instructions on Profile Request Link

One of your favorite features just got better!

We've improved the form where customers request to access your profile. The page now includes a description of what the requester can expect as well as your company name and logo.

Learn more about this feature here.

Instantly Generate API Keys

Who wants to create API keys in Whistic? Everyone! We've moved the process into the product.

For complete instructions to generate an API key, go here.

New Trust Catalog Filters

We are always updating vendor content in the Trust Catalog.

For a quick view of vendors with the most recent updates, use the Recently Updated dropdown. This will instantly display vendor profiles that have been updated in the last 30, 60, or 90 days.

Improved Reassessment Tracking

We've clarified the Assessment and Questionnaire Progress labels when completing a reassessment. Once a vendor has completed an assessment and gets sent another, Whistic will recognize it as a reassessment and reflect the new status: Reassessment in Progress.

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