Streamline security profile sharing with the Whistic Salesforce (SF) Integration. Let your sales teams do the sharing themselves!


  1. SF Lightning (Not Classic)

  2. Multiple Whistic accounts and profiles

  3. Non-AppExchange Setups Only

  4. Basic SF Opportunity, Lead, Account, and User pages

Additional details can be found in the sections below.


Confirm with your Whistic contact that your account is qualified and prepared for setup, etc. The setup instructions PDF will also be provided.

Basic Setup

Full installation PDF guide provided by your Whistic contact (Overview below).

  1. Preparation

    1. (Customer Whistic Admin) Turn on SF sharing for 1+ profile(s)

    2. Provide API Key to SF Admin per Whistic Company Account

      1. Details in Simultaneous Connections section below.

  2. Sandbox (Recommended)

    1. (SF Admin) Install managed package via link from PDF.

      1. Generally takes 5-15 minutes

    2. Connected App Settings adjustments

    3. Permission Set assignments (limit for testing)

    4. App Connection (API Key) configuration

    5. Additional configurations optional (below)

    6. Test to confirm the app and workflows meet all your preconditions etc

  3. Production

    1. Reset connection (Whistic Token) - steps below.

    2. Repeat steps from Step 2 above.

Launch your new workflow to your sales teams to get their deals finished faster!


We've provided common / quick steps you can take in our Troubleshooting section below! If preferred, please reach out to your Whistic contact or

Simultaneous Connections

(For package versions 1.32+) Users can now connect up to 10 separate Salesforce accounts to a single Whistic Account


  • For companies with multiple Salesforce instance, now all sales reps across instances can share profiles from one single Whistic Account

  • Enable easier testing as a Sandbox and Production account can be connected at the same time and testing can take place in the sandbox without disrupting production

How It Works

  1. Connect your Salesforce Account to Whistic as you normally would

  2. Navigate to Whistic > Company Settings> Salesforce

  3. Locate the Salesforce Account you just connected in the list

  4. Click to Edit the Account Name

  5. Rename the account to something recognizable

  6. Toggle connect on or off for an account to enable/disable connection to Whistic

Best Practice

  • Make sure to name the connection in Whistic after connecting so that you can tell them apart from each other easily.

Optional Configurations


As package upgrades become available, Whistic will announcement them in our Release email notifications. You can then get the upgrade instructions from you Whistic contact.

Sales Matrix

Control what profiles users can share via SF Profile group assignments HERE.

Component Columns

SF Admins can remove and reorder columns in the component. Details provided in the initial installation guide.


Currently there are not many pre-built reporting capabilities in our integration. However, the information and options below may help your Salesforce Admin create your own custom reports.

  1. Pre-Built

    1. The pre-built reporting options we provide through the Salesforce package is currently limited to the component itself.

  2. Records

    1. Profile Share History records are Salesforce records. This may provide the ability for your team to build your own Salesforce reporting.

  3. Opportunities

    1. We do not populate the Opportunity field on share records, but hope to in the future (Ticket #DEV-1109588166164891).

  4. Custom

    1. One option for building out your own functionality is described below. Have a field on the account called profile share date when a "Profile Share Contact" record is created, trigger a simple process builder to populate that field on the account with todays date. Then have a formula field on the opportunity that displays the most recent profile share date back to the opportunity. You can set up additional logic and an additional process to dictate when to update that date on the opportunity but this way you can start to report on accounts with opportunities that have received a profile share. Also, you can then create rules for sales people that requires them to share the profile at x stage in the sales cycle.

Automatic Profile Approval

(For package versions 1.32+) Some recipients require approval, before they can view profiles which have the general approval requirement. This can cause an unnecessary delay in some cases.

This feature allows for flexibility in eliminating that delay when appropriate by providing the ability for all shares to be auto approved if they meet the Salesforce customer-customizable criteria. This includes shares not originating from Salesforce.

The default approval filter is if the exact email address exists in Salesforce.

Sample SOQL Filters:

  • Include By Account Name

    • Include contacts from Account 1, Account 2 or Account 3

      • in ('Account 1', 'Account 2', 'Account3')

    • Variation (OR case)

      • ( = 'Account 1' OR = 'Account 2' OR = 'Account 3')

  • Exclude By Account Name

    • Include ALL contacts unless they are from Account 1, Account 2, or Account 3

      • not in ('Account 1', 'Account 2', 'Account3')

  • Mixed Criteria

    • Include contacts from Account 1 or Account 2 but only if their title is Manager

      • ( = 'Account 1' OR = 'Account 2') AND Title = 'Manager'

NDA Bypass

(For package versions 1.32+) Certain profiles require a Whistic NDA be signed before viewing. In cases where another NDA already exists, certain Salesforce users can now bypass this requirements permanently per account when they share the profile for the first time!

Users must first be given permission as shown below by a Salesforce Whistic Admin.

The NDA override cannot be removed from Salesforce once in place. This will need to be done manually as Whistic does not currently have a way to remove an NDA override

Reset Connection

Before starting, please reviewing all steps to ensure you have proper access to complete the process.

  1. Log into > Admin Tools > Company Settings > Integrations (screenshot below)

  2. In the Integrations box, delete the Salesforce token.

  3. Then delete the API key below in the other box.

  4. Refresh the page to ensure your changes where successful.

  5. Create a new key and plug that into the Whistic App in Have one of your Salesforce Admins do the second part.

  6. Once that new key has been applied in Salesforce, refresh the page and make sure you now have a new Salesforce token. It will likely be the same as before. If you do, the connection reset is complete.

  7. If desired, and for troubleshooting, your Salesforce Admin could confirm if the new api key was successfully saved to Salesforce here: (Log In) > Setup > Quick Find > Custom Settings > Whistic Settings v2 > Select Company > API Key.


Profile Sharing

  1. Timeouts

    1. If you are getting an error while sharing (such as timeout), please contact your SF Whistic Admin to review the Error Details dropdown in the Whistic SF app Home tab. Be sure to sort the logs by created date (most recent).

    2. This step is helpful as it's quick and some details are only available through these logs in the Salesforce app anyway.

    3. Please provide as much of the log details (text) as possible.

  2. Validation

    1. Sometimes there are certain input restrictions that may not be clear through app error messages. We hope to improve this soon.

    2. For example, Profile recipient titles must be less than 50 characters long currently.

  3. Server Error

    1. The log below generally means a connection reset is required or recommended (see section above). This rarely happens.

    2. Internal Server Error, Error Message: Unexpected character ('A' (code 65)): expected a valid value (number, String, array, object, 'true', 'false' or 'null') at [line:1, column:13]

  4. Mismatch

    1. If you are seeing outdated data in Salesforce compared to Whistic, it's possible the connection is or was bad.

    2. Generally we recommend resetting the connection (instructions above). Then we can check to try and find the root cause.

  5. Testing

    1. Generally we recommend not sharing profiles to your own company.

Install / Upgrade

If you experience any issues during setup or upgrades, generally a step was missed in the instructions provided.

If you get the error below when upgrading your Whistic package, you may need to delete a previously created custom tab so that the package can install the one that is already included in the package (example in Custom Tabs screenshot below).

Error Example:

Unmanaged custom object tab already exists, package upgrade cannot create another tab.

Custom Tabs:

Versions & Upgrading

(For newer package versions 1.32+) We will now display the current package version that the customer has active directly in the our app! Also, when an upgrade is available, we will provide an upgrade link. However, before upgrading we recommend it be tested first in your Sandbox environment to ensure your unique configuration work properly.


  1. Why is the profile viewed date wrong?

    1. Viewed Date is reported on a group share level (not individual). So if you share to multiple recipients and one views the profile, all will have the same viewed date. We hope to improve this in ticket #TS-3193, #DEV-1109588166164839.

  2. Will marking the Profile Access field as Admin Only make it not sharable?

    1. No, not currently. Please turn off the Enable Salesforce toggle instead. Context Ticket #TS-2573

  3. Why does NDA say pending when it's N/A or already signed?

    1. For any shares to companies who have already accepted the NDA, there is a bug where it will say "Pending" instead of "Accepted" until the profile is viewed. At which point it autocorrects. We hope to fix this soon in ticket #DEV-1109588166164943.

    2. Currently there is no NDA status "Not Applicable" for profile shares that do not require an NDA. So these will show "Pending" or "Accepted" once the profile is viewed depending on the recipient account Whistic share history. The recipient will be able to view the profile without an NDA as expected. We hop to fix this soon in ticket #PROM-15.

  4. Is Profile Share History synced across all page and record types?

    1. Mostly.

  5. Why don't I see all profile shares in Salesforce?

    1. Only shares initiated from will be synced with

  6. Why isn't the contact title updating?

    1. Whistic user information (such as title) are not updated if it changes within Salesforce at a later time. That information is sent over with the first share only and saved.

  7. My do I see users in Whistic with an "invalid" email address?

    1. It is likely something your Salesforce Admin(s) are doing from their sandbox environment. These emails are not created by Whistic and considered different accounts from non-invalid versions. Internal Support Reference #INTG-218.

  8. Are profiles currently listed randomly in the main share list?

    1. Yes. This will be remedied soon in ticket #138456900035621. Until then, you can make your profile list more manageable by: 1) removing unneeded profiles, 2) Using our matrix feature HERE.

  9. Is Salesforce Classic supported?

    1. No. Classic is not officially supported even with running the Lightning platform in the background without the UI/display.

  10. Can we have the SFDC Whistic widget on more than one template in SFDC?

    1. Yes, you can have the component / widget on any combination of the 4 valid page types / templates at any time on most apps.

    2. See the end pages in the installation instructions PDF for how to do that.

  11. Can I migrate the integration to a new Salesforce account?

    1. Yes! This should preserve your historical profile share data. However, it’s may be a little tricky so we recommend setting up a meeting with us to ensure the process is understood. Contact to schedule a meeting. Context Ticket #PROM-429.

      1. Install the Whistic package into your org.

      2. Disable Whistic’s Remote Site Setting:
        Setup > Remote Site Settings > Deactivate Remote Site (note COM)
        This allows shares to be blocked as you proceed.
        These failed shares will be logged in the integration only.

      3. Migrate your data via the Data Import Wizard:
        (Optional) Import a small batch to test.
        Import the Whistic Profile Share Contact Object Records
        Be sure that the external IDs are included.
        The record import triggers the profile shares (which cannot be disabled in a managed package directly).

      4. Confirm previous step is 100% done.
        Confirm no shares succeeded.

      5. Revert your change in step 2. Done!

  12. What package version do I have?

    1. You (or more likely your Salesforce Admin) can find what version number of our integration that you have below. Currently the highest number is 1.32.

  13. Why can't I see all my contacts?

    • (For package versions 1.32+) There likely are multiple pages of contacts and you just need to use the pagination controls at the bottom to cycle through the different pages.

Profile Content:

We have a feature for any Salesforce users that would like to know more of the profile content than just name and description. This view is very different from the Whistic profile view, but may meet your requirements. The steps are described below.

CAUTION: We recommend you be selective with the users that receive this access so your integration is not broken or otherwise negatively effected.

  1. Your Salesforce Admin will need to give the Whistic Admin permission set to a user or user group. For example, you could give this to certain trusted sales leaders so they can field any questions their team has. Details were provided to your Salesforce Admin in the original setup guide on the Permission Set slide.

  2. These users can then go to Salesforce > Apps > Whistic > Home > Security Profiles > (Click a name) > Get a content overview in the details page. This includes: assessment names and versions, audits and certifications, document file names (no view or download), creator name and date, last modifier name and date, etc.

Home Tab:

Profile Content Details:

Edit Profile Share Page

In rare cases you may need to edit the Profile Share page. Below is how you can do that. You will likely need to have Salesforce Admin rights to execute the steps below (add fields and values).

1. Log into > Whistic App > Account > click any.

2. Find the Whistic Profile Share component (box) on the page.

3. Click the down arrow on the left of each share record and then View for details.

4. Now that you are on the Profile Share page, click the Setup gear icon in the top right of your window.

5. Edit object > Page Layouts > click page layout name > view in Salesforce Classic if required.

6. Locate the 2 boxes you will need on this page: Profile Share Layout, Profile Share Details.

7. You can drag and drop fields from the layout box to the details box and then click Save in the layout box. For example, you can grab the NDA Status field and drop it right above the Viewed Date field.

8. After saving, refresh the Profile Share page to confirm that your change was successful.

Edit your Profile Description in Salesforce

To edit the profile description listed in Salesforce under Profile Selector, you will need to use the following steps:

  1. Log into Whistic and locate the profile you have chosen to share in Salesforce

  2. Open the Settings tab for the profile.

  3. When scrolling down, you will come across a field for "Profile Description" after the option to "Enable Salesforce"

  4. Enter in the text you wish to be displayed and this will automatically sync with Salesforce

  5. After saving, refresh your Salesforce to confirm that your settings have been updated.

CC Sender

(For package versions 1.32+) Sales reps can now CC themselves as they share profiles. This will add them as a CC in the same email that goes to the customer with the profile link when a profile is shared from Salesforce


  • Enables reps to follow up about the Whistic profile in the same email thread.

  • Helps reps confirm that the share email was sent and what the contents are.

  • Enables reps to see information about the profile sent and navigate to Whistic to view the profile, registration is still required.

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