What is Whistic?

  • Whistic is a platform that helps both buyers and sellers meet security requirements. It helps buyers assess the security of potential vendors. On the other side, it helps sellers share and certify their security credentials to potential customers.

    Whistic customers can generate requests through the platform to complete certain actions, such as completing a questionnaire or viewing security documentation.

How do I find a questionnaire request?

  • Once logged in, go to the Dashboard (found in the top left navigation menu). There will be a box labeled Outstanding Customer Requests. Follow the link to open the questionnaire.

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How can I see who sent me the questionnaire?

  • The original email invite contains the requester's information. You can also view the requester's information (name, email & phone) on the questionnaire itself in the upper right corner.

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I’ve been assigned a questionnaire but I’m not the right person to complete it. How do I reassign the questionnaire to someone else?

  • Follow the link found at the bottom of the original email invitation: CLICK HERE to grant access to a colleague. Once you reassign a questionnaire, you will lose access to it.

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I want to complete the questionnaire request outside of Whistic, how do I do this?

  • You can export the questionnaire into an .xlsx format and complete it outside of Whistic. Once finished, you can import it and Whistic will populate the web form with the spreadsheet answers. Multiple choice or file upload questions will still need to be completed on the web form.

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I’ve completed a questionnaire, how do I share it?

  • Once you complete a questionnaire, a window will appear asking if you would like to share it. It will automatically share with the person that requested it. You can also share it with anyone else, even if they didn’t request it.

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I’ve already completed this questionnaire request, why am I getting a new one?

  • The request is likely a follow up to your original submission. After reviewing your responses, the assessor can ask clarification questions. This creates a dialog window to discuss questions/answers in-depth.

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I’ve been assigned a questionnaire but I need help to complete it. Can I add people to help?

  • Rather than reassign the entire questionnaire, you can add people to collaborate with you. Once you are on the questionnaire form, select the ‘plus’ sign in the top center of the questionnaire. A window will appear where you can add collaborators.

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I or someone else in my company has completed this questionnaire before. Can I use the original answers to fulfill this request?

  • Yes, questions can be mapped over from requests that have been previously submitted. When you open a request, a prompt will alert you if answers can be pulled from previous questionnaires.

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Can I share a partially completed questionnaire?

  • No, you must answer every question to share a questionnaire.

I don’t want to receive any more notifications from Whistic. What can I do?

  • If you have unsubscribed from an email notification and are still receiving something, please contact support@whistic.com. You can also contact the person that issued the request through Whistic and ask they cancel the assessment.

What is the Trust Catalog?

  • The Trust Catalog is where the two sides of Whistic meet - buyers can review available vendors and their documentation or sellers can post a profile where potential customers can view their security posture.

    After completing a questionnaire, you can post your assessment to a Trust Catalog profile and avoid future requests!

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