June 2021 Product Release
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Email Notifications

We continue to refine the notification schedule. Now, rather than send reminder emails until an action is complete, the reminders now stop after about a month. This is for both questionnaire and Profile requests.

The new cadence is 5 reminders within 32 days - specifically on days 2, 7, 12, 22, & 32. An option to cancel email reminders is also available. Learn more here.

Additionally, there are some small updates to the initial email invitation text. These updates also include a short video introduction to Whistic and are specific to a questionnaire or Profile.

New and Updated Security Standard Questionnaires

  1. Cyber Security Maturity Model (CMMC) - For customers preparing to sell to government, etc. There are three levels included with this new standard. Learn more here.

  2. CAIQ v4 - This new version includes additional controls, a new structure and fewer questions (down to 261). Learn more here.

  3. CIS 8.0 - Rather than have the CIS Top 5/20, this standard will simply be the CIS Controls. This standard is broken down into 3 implementation groups. Learn more here.

Whistic Assess

RFPIO Integration (Limited)

Possibly the most exciting part of the release is the new integration with RFPIO. Whistic customers that also use RFPIO can integrate the two solutions to gain the ability to create RFPIO projects in Whistic, answer questions using the RFPIO answer library, and then push those answers back into Whistic. There are some limitations to the integration that may effect your requirements so please view THIS article for details.

There is some configuration required, so please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or support@whistic.com for more information.

Internal Request to Update Vendor

Do you need to send an assessment but are not sure if the vendor contact is still around? Now, you can request that the vendor's business sponsor review and update the vendor information - all without leaving Whistic.

This is available for all Whistic Access customers. Learn more here.

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