In this article, we have details that will help you learn about and manage each part of a vendors detail page from vendor catalog. They include: Vendor Description, Vendor Details, Follow Up, Program Automation, RiskRecon Score, Assessment Activity, Document Repository, Payment and Contract Information, Vendor Contacts, Access to Systems, Access to Data, Notes, FICO Cyber Risk Score, and Vendor Intake Form.

Vendor records (and details) are created using the custom vendor intake form. For details, click here.

Export Vendor Details

Downloads spreadsheet version of the vendor's data.


A score pulled from only the most recent assessment activity where applicable. For more details, click HERE.

RiskRecon Score

Shows any available RiskRecon Score information. For details on how to integrate, click HERE.

Follow Up

Internal reminder tool for your team.

Program Automation

Automatically initiates reassessments. Also known as Renewal Cadence within Whistic.

Assessment Activity

By default, it shows uncanceled or reassigned actions and status for questionnaire requests, Trust Catalog profile import, etc. For more details on reviews and reporting, click HERE.

Document Repository

Files connected to the vendor's assessment activity.

Payment and Contract Information

Initially provided when the vendor was created through the vendor intake form or bulk import.

Vendor Contacts

View, add, delete, update and edit contacts associated with this specific vendor record.

There are two types of contacts:

  1. Internal - These contacts are those within your company such as a business sponsor or assessment requester. They are labelled with the tag "Internal."

  2. External - These are the vendor contacts. They don't have a label. To keep vendor contacts current, use the Update Vendor button. Learn more here.

Note: Once and external contact completes a questionnaire there is no way to remove them from the Vendor Contacts list. This is to ensure that we retain a recipient should a Needs Clarification request be submitted. If your assessment of the vendor has been completed and you need the vendor contact archived please contact

Access to Data

List of applicable data classifications.

Vendor Intake Form

Includes any custom (non-default) contact added to your intake form.

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