November 2021 Product Release
A summary of what we've been working on!
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Improved Registration Process

We are excited to launch a new and improved registration process. In addition to a modern look and feel, the entire process was overhauled to reduce time and friction for new Whistic users.

A few things to note:

  • Went from 2 pages, down to 1.

  • Whistic will automatically complete registration fields for the new user. The only actions needed are to enter a password and agree to the T&C.

  • The Landing/Welcome page includes your customized branding.

  • The backend credentialing system was updated, keeping security at the front of everything we do.

  • During JIT provisioning for new SSO users, they are directed to this landing page to review and agree to the T&C.

Additional Tooltips

We've added several tooltips throughout the application. A few to note include:

  • The questionnaire names in the Vendor Profile > Program Automation > Questionnaire drop-down

  • Document names within the Document Repository

  • Questionnaire names in the Admin Tools > Program Automation > Workflow & Logic field drop-downs

Whistic Profile

Ongoing Updates to New Profile Layout

With the recent launch of the new profile layout, we continue making modifications based on your feedback - thanks! Here are a couple updates:

  • Documents attached under your Audits & Certifications can now collapse and expand as needed.

  • To condense the profile layout - if a section on the Profile Summary panel contains a list of more than 6 items, a +# displays at the end to indicate the remaining number of items in the list. For example, if there are 20 documents, the first 6 are listed and a +14 displays at the bottom. For a complete view, a user can refer to the main panel.

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