User Settings Tab Enabled for SSO

  • Users that access Whistic via SSO can now access the User Settings (upper right user icon > My Profile Settings > My Profile tab).

  • In addition to clarifying your user details, you can also enable or disable reminder emails on this menu.

  • For help adjusting the reminder email settings - go here.

Whistic Assess

Automatic Trust Catalog Search

Our goal is to reduce the time and energy needed to conduct security assessments. In this update, when you go to request an assessment from a vendor, Whistic automatically searches the Trust Catalog for a match to the vendor that you are assessing.

If there is a match, Whistic presents you with the corresponding Trust Catalog profile and asks if you want to import it. After importing the profile, you can proceed with also requesting a questionnaire or decide not to import the profile and only request a questionnaire.

Here is some additional information:

  • Matches are presented based on vendor URL.

  • We are adding new content to the Trust Catalog daily.

  • Some vendors require approval to access their content. A lock icon will show next to questionnaires that require approval. If you import the locked profile, Whistic automatically notifies the vendor that you are awaiting approval to access. We will also notify you once access is granted.

  • If the seller updates a profile that you imported, we will present you with that update next time you assess that vendor.

  • If you do not want to import the profile, simply select Request Questionnaire.

Whistic Profile

There are a number of ongoing enhancements to the new Whistic Profile layout. We appreciate the ongoing feedback that helps Whistic improve.

Customizable Folder in the Audits & Certifications View

Maybe a certification badge isn't yet available or you would like to group all documents your own way - no problem! Simply open the A&C dropdown > Add Folder > name the folder > upload documents.

This is a view from the 'edit' mode:

No Duplicate Documents

If you attach a questionnaire to your Profile that has the same document uploaded to multiple questions, only one document will show in the Profile view. This is done automatically, no need to manually remove duplicates.

Easier Scrolling

We expanded the discoverable scrolling area across the page for Profile recipients. This should help with access and navigation.

Filtering Applied to 'About' Section

Profile recipients can easily filter content to show exactly what they need without continuing to see the About section.

Added Tip About Auto Save

When you are editing the Profile, changes are automatically saved. If you edit a field, changes are saved once you click away from that field.

To leave edit mode, simply select Done.

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