• Whistic provides all the standard questionnaires found in the Questionnaires page and depending on your contract we will also include premium standards that require a subscription.

  • Requesting a questionnaire from a vendor can be done in the vendor details page under the assessment section. From there you can also cancel a request or reassign it to someone else.

    • You can also send a questionnaire request from the Questionnaires page - hover over the questionnaire you are interested in and select Request from Vendor option.

  • Custom Questionnaires can be created manually in the questionnaires page. However, if you plan to add logic then work with your Customer Success Manager to get a template to create the questionnaire and add the logic needed. Then the Whistic’s support team will upload it for you.

    • Custom questionnaires that have been completed will show up at the top of the page to use. You can self assess against them or request from a vendor. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find another listing of your custom questionnaires and edit them there.

  • Use the Score Builder to customize the weighting of each question within a questionnaire.

  • You may be asked to complete a questionnaire in Whistic which can be accessed from the link in the email or on your dashboard.

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