The Vendor Catalog is where you can manage and assess your vendors and view the progress of the Assessment Request.

1. Search - Search through your catalog to find a specific vendor.

2. Actions

Upload Vendors - The purpose for this is to import vendors from an .xlxs file (excel spreadsheet). This is typically done during implementation but it is an option to do at any point.

Copy Read-Only Link - This allows you to share visibility to the catalog with only a link.

3. Add vendor - This allows you to manually add a vendor to your catalog. In most scenarios, a vendor should be created through the intake form but we do allow for you to create a new vendor through this tool.

Note: Using the “Add Vendor” button as an admin will not work for duplicate vendor domains. If the domain already exists in your vendor catalog and you need to add a duplicate, you will need to use the "external “Vendor Request Form”

4. Add/Select Columns - This allows you to customize your view of the columns in the vendor catalog. Organize the columns in your desired view. Add in additional columns (note: these columns are being pulled in from the vendor intake form).

5. Display Filters - This allows you to refine the view of the vendor catalog based on specific reporting filters. (i.e. Assessment Progress, Inherent Risk, Questionnaire Progress, Questionnaire Returned, and many others) You can learn more about reporting here.

***Important Tip*** If you are using this tool to update your current vendor list, please download a new vendor import template by going to:

Admin Tools > Secure Upload > Vendor Import Template

Bulk upload vendors - go into the Secure Upload page and download the vendor import template. Use this spreadsheet to add vendors and information you want to track for those vendors and then upload that in the vendor catalog page.

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