Basic Profile

A Whistic Profile simplifies the vendor assessment process, saving your InfoSec team countless hours previously spent answering questionnaires while helping your sales team close deals faster.

A Whistic Profile enables you to:

  • Consolidate all of your standard questionnaires, audits, and certifications in one place.

    • Collaborating with peers is currently a paid feature only.

  • Build trust at the outset of customer relationships by sharing your Whistic Profile proactively with prospects.

  • Save time by responding to questionnaire requests with your complete Whistic Profile.

This article covers how you get started setting up your Whistic Profile.

Note: If you do not have Basic Profile enabled on your account please reach out to for assistance.

Profile Setup

Once you have gathered or completed all of the information that you want to share you can start building your Whistic Profile.

  1. Select Whistic Profile from the left navigation menu.

  2. Select Edit and you will see fields similar to these. Below is some information on each of the fields.

A. About: Use the About section to describe your commitment to security, link to outside resources, and include other information for recipients of the Profile.

B. Audits & Certifications: Add badges to your profile that show your audits and certifications. Click HERE for details.

C. Questionnaires: - Select Add Questionnaires this will give you the option to choose any of your completed questionnaires in Whistic to add to this profile. Any documents uploaded as part of the questionnaire answers will automatically be displayed with the questionnaire.

D. Additional Documents: - Upload additional supporting documentation that will be helpful for those that will view this profile. Click HERE for details.

E. Security Team: - Let others know who manages this profile. It is helpful to upload a picture to your Whistic account so when you are added to the Security Team section profile recipients get a personal look at who this is coming from.


There are two ways to share your Whistic Profile.

  • Publish to the Trust Catalog - Make it easy for Whistic customers to assess your security posture by joining thousands of companies who have published their Profile to the Trust Catalo

Share Button - Located at the top in the middle of the page.

Share Count

Total number of Profile shares remaining for the month will be displayed and will reset the first of each calendar month. There will be three shares allowed within the calendar month, if the shares go unused it will not roll over to the next calendar month.

Sharing to one or multiple recipients from the same organization will count as one share. When sharing to multiple recipients from different organizations this will count as multiple shares, one for each recipient. Shares within your organization are unlimited and will not affect the share count.

Imports from the Trust Catalog will not count as shares, extending to recipients re-accessing the shared profile multiple times.

Upgrade to a paid account for unlimited sharing with customers.

Want to see what the recipient sees when you share your Whistic Profile. Click here

Customer Catalog

Profile shares are recorded in the Customer Catalog where you can view and edit previous shares. Click Here

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