The Whistic to Slack Webhook Integration enables Whistic customers to connect their Whistic account to their Slack instance via a one direction (Whistic to Slack) webhook connection.

This connection will allow customers to receive customizable notifications of Whistic events related to profiles and vendors in their designated Slack channel , in real time, in the form of Slack messages.

The current Whistic events available for notification in Slack are:

Current Events (15):

  • Vendor (1): Created.

  • Assessment (11): Review In Progress, Awaiting Vendor, On Hold, Manual Review, Completed, Approved, Approved with Conditions, Review Pending, Denied, Cancelled, Vendor Created, Needs Clarification. Please note that Percent Completed and Initial Assessment are not available currently.

  • Profile (3): Shares, Views, Requests.

Current POSTs (1):

  • Profile (1): Request Approval.

The integration is configurable to allow for you to set multiple channels up with each separate designated notifications from Whistic. You can therefore have one channel for all Whistic notifications or create separate channels with different participants and for different purposes and have designated events appear within those channels.

Create a Slack App with Incoming Webhooks for Integration to Whistic

Here’s the process for creating a Slack app with the Incoming Webhooks option, as well as getting the associated URL to post messages to a Slack channel with the app.

  • Prerequisites

    • Your account must be a Workspace Admin in the Slack Workspace which will receive the messages from Whistic

    • You should create a designated Slack channel to receive Whistic messages prior to creating the Whistic Slack app

1. Log into the Workspace in Slack

2. Select the Workspace at the top, then “Settings and Administration”, “Manage Apps”

3. Select Build at the top of the opened webpage (Should be

4. Click “Create an App”then “From scratch”

5. Click “From scratch”

6. Name the App a distinctive name so that you know which app it is ( IE: “whistic-incoming-webhooks”) and select your workspace from the dropdown

7. Click “Create App”

8. You will be redirected to the administration page for your new App

9. Open the “Features/Incoming Webhooks” tab

10. Turn on “Activate Incoming Webhooks” using the slider control

11. Click the “Add New Webhook to Workspace” button. Repeat steps 11 through 14 if you are creating webhooks for multiple slack channels.

12. Select the proper Slack channel to receive Whistic messages and click Allow

13. You should see a new entry in the “Webhook URLs for Your Workspace” table

14. You can click the Copy button on that row to copy the URL. This is the URL you will use in the Whistic Webhooks page when adding a new Slack webhook.

Creating and Editing Slack Webhooks in Whistic

1. After you have created your Slack app in Slack and copied the Webhook URL in Slack. Navigate to Whistic to complete the setup.

2. In Whistic, go to Admin Tools in the left hand nav bar

3. Click on “Company Settings”

4. Click on “Webhooks”

5. Click on “New Webhook” and then click “Slack” to create a new webhook

6. Click on the pencil icon next to the existing Slack webhook to edit an existing webhook

7. The Webhook Configuration pop up will appear

8. Add or edit the name of your webhook in the “Name” field

9. Paste the Webhook URL you created in Slack into the Slack Endpoint URL field

10. Add or edit the email address of the person who will receive error messages if Slack notifications fail to send

11. Select the events that you want to receive notifications about in your designated Slack channel by clicking the toggle next to the corresponding event to the blue “on” position

12. For every event you have added you can customize the message that will be associated with the event when a notification for this appears in Slack

13. Type your message into the field

14. To automatically add additional detail for this event into the message, click on “Show” next to “Available Keys”

15. A menu of available keys for the selected event will appear

16. Simply copy and paste the entire portion in dark bold into the message field to add the detail into the message, you can add words and punctuation around the keys to create a full sentence. For example: “Whistic profile sent from ${profileSenderEmail}” will display in Slack as “Whistic profile sent from

17. After you have finished adding events and messages, click “Test Webhook” at the bottom left

18. Once the Webhook is Tested successfully a success message will appear

19. Click “Save”

20. Go to Slack and check the channel you connected to see if the test webhook message has appear, this may take a few seconds

21. Setup is now complete!


  • Why am I seeing duplicate notifications?

    • It may have to do with a known issue we hope to resolve soon in ticket #PROM-386.

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