During the evaluation phase of the buying process, customers are thorough! That’s why it’s important to make it as easy as possible for them to learn everything about your company, including your security posture.

While you might be reluctant to give unfettered access to your security documentation (which you should be), letting prospects know what questionnaires, certifications, and audits you can provide is a good way to build trust and push them one step closer to purchase.

That’s where Public Profile comes into play. A Public Profile enables you to:

  • Provide immediate access to a limited view of your Whistic Profile without requiring users to log in or create an account.

  • Maintain control over who has access to the full details of your Profile and for how long.

Public Profile Setup

Once you have completed your Whistic Profile and are ready to start sharing your information, follow the steps below to provide immediate access to your Whistic Profile:

  1. Select Whistic Profile from the left navigation menu

  2. At the top of the page please select which profile you would like to make Public

  3. Once you have the correct profile selected, on the lower right there are Profile Settings

  4. In order to turn on your Public Profile you will need to enable Profile Link (to learn more about Profile Link, click HERE)

    1. If you want a profile admin to approve any access requests to view the full profile, also toggle on Require Approval

  5. When the Public Profile toggle is selected you will get a confirmation modal to review. Upon acceptance the feature is now enabled. (See Image Below)

How Users Access Your Public Profile

Now that your Public Profile link is active, you can preview your Profile to see what it will look like when someone accesses the link.

By placing your Public Profile link as an iframe on your company website or compliance page, anyone who clicks the link will be able to view your Whistic Profile at a glance, without creating a Whistic account. However, when a user selects View, Download or View Details they will be directed to Whistic registration and login.

The registration page will request their information and will be branded with your company logo in place of the ‘Welcome!’. (See Registration Page Below)

If a user is accessing your documentation and they are already a Whistic user they can proceed to ‘Log in here’ or ‘SSO Customer’, if their company uses SSO.

Note: If the user does use SSO they will have to click ‘SSO Customer’ and then ‘SSO Customer’ on the next page before being prompted with instructional modals to login using their SSO credentials. We will be releasing a fix for this in our next release and apologize for the inconvenience.

It is important to note that even with a Whistic Public Profile you can determine whether or not to require an NDA or any prior approval once a request is made to view your Profile details. To learn more on requiring an NDA or approval click HERE.

Reporting & More

Now that you have made the learning process easier for your potential customers, you can find the details when someone has accessed your contents by going to the Customer Catalog or Reporting. This will only occur if the user registered or logged in to view or download your information.

When users access a profile using either the Profile Link or the Public Profile Link, they will gain access to a Profile's most recent version. This is true even if the profile setting is "Snapshot".

With transparency comes protection, as prospects view your information, we have removed Security Team from the lower portion of Public Profile. We felt it was important that your team's information is not given Publicly, until users register or login to Whistic.

Additional Help

  • Need help creating multiple Whistic Profiles? Go HERE

  • Prefer to have an NDA on your Public Profile? Go HERE

  • Want to require approval? Go HERE

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