Schedule: Feature live Sept 21, 2022

Did someone edit your vendor record and you need to find out who and what the previous field value was? Read on to discover how you can with this feature.

Simply put, this feature allows you to see a logged history of specific vendor data points. Each change to that data, will add a new row the history with relevant data. Then, at any time, you can export a spreadsheet of that history and compare those rows and columns to see what changed exactly, by whom, and when.

  1. Using the Vendor Catalog, select a vendor (or several) to investigate.

  2. Select a timeframe.

  3. We will generate a report (spreadsheet) with certain vendor data history.

What is Tracked

Currently, we include the core Vendor Detail fields in the report. We are continually expanding the fields included. Here is the current list:

  • Vendor Name

  • Date (UTC)

  • Time (UTC)

  • User (‘Whistic’ indicates a system generated change)

  • Residual Risk

  • Inherent Risk

  • Criticality

  • Business Unit

  • Service / Product

  • Number of Users

  • Website

  • Vendor Status

  • Assessment Status

If the field you need is not listed here, please contact for assistance.

How to Request the Change Log Report

  1. Open the Vendor Catalog

  2. Using the checkboxes, indicate which vendor(s) you’d like to include in the report.

  3. From the Catalog menu, select the Actions dropdown.

  4. Select Vendor Change Log. If this option is disabled, it is likely because you haven’t selected a vendor yet.

  5. A window will appear. Indicate the date range for the data you’d like to gather. For example, if the change you want to investigate was likely made a few days ago, select the 7 days option.

  6. Select Request Export.

  7. A confirmation message will appear.

  8. Lastly, we will begin processing your request. Processing times will vary depending on the size of the request. When the report is ready, we will email you. You will download the file by going to Admin Tools > Secure Upload.

Our Support team is happy to help with any questions you might encounter, please reach out to or contact your Customer Success Manager.

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