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What Is a Gray WiFi Hotspot and How to Reactivate It
What Is a Gray WiFi Hotspot and How to Reactivate It
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Navigating through our WiFi Map, you may occasionally come across gray pins. Wondering what they signify? Let's dive deep into understanding these pins and learn how you can breathe life into them.

What Does a Gray Pin Represent?

Gray pins on the map represent WiFi hotspots that have been inactive for an extended period or may have potential connection issues. This can occur when:

  • No one has connected to them for a long time.

  • Numerous connection attempts have failed.

  • Users have flagged them with problems.

Gray Wi-Fi hotspots require immediate attention from our community. If they're not reactivated promptly, they become archived and hidden from view. Once archived, only the hotspot owner can make it visible to others again.

How to Reactivate a Gray WiFi:

1. Go to the WiFi's location.

2. Ensure you're within the WiFi signal range, which is typically around 30 meters or 100 feet.

3. Open the details screen of the Gray WiFi hotspot.

4. Tap on the 'CONNECT' button and follow the instructions.

5. Once connected, go back to the WiFi details screen and run a Speed test.

6. Great job! 🥳 You've successfully "healed" this WiFi hotspot, keeping it alive and available for the community.

If, for some unexpected reason, you can't connect to the hotspot, don't worry. Just use the 'Suggest an Edit' option if you're on Android or the 'Report a Problem' button for iOS users. Here, you can provide updated WiFi details or mention the specific reason for the failed connection attempt.

Your Contribution Matters

Every single effort you make to enhance the accuracy of WiFi information goes a long way. By ensuring the viability of each hotspot, you're directly aiding millions globally in accessing free internet. Thank you for being an invaluable part of our community!

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