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Experienced contributor
Experienced contributor
Updated over a week ago

At WiFi Map, we deeply value the contributions of members who share our mission of providing free and accessible internet to all. That's why we created the Experienced Contributor status to recognize and reward these valuable members.

To become an Experienced Contributor, you need to earn 650 points by signing in and adding at least 5 WiFi hotspots to the WiFi Map app. Once you achieve this status, you'll gain permanent access to all the locked WiFi hotspots in the app.

In addition to unlocking these hotspots, you can also earn points by adding WiFi hotspots and unlock pro features for free, increase your ranking on the leaderboard, and work towards the ultimate reward of becoming a Trusted Contributor.

By contributing to our mission, you're helping to make free and accessible internet a reality for everyone, everywhere. So start adding WiFi hotspots today and thank you for being a valuable member of the WiFi Map community!

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