Happy Birthday, WineCollective! In the 12 years that WineCollective has been bringing you the best wines in the world, we have worked hard to provide the best possible experience for our members. With our new look and new Wine Guide, we have taken the WineCollective experience to the next level! 

Our new Wine Guide has replaced the tasting cards that previously accompanied our wines, and we are really excited about this upgrade! Each Wine Guide includes a complete list of all the wines featured each month, so that you can see what we have in store, and never miss out on a new feature again! The QR codes included in the Wine Guide take you right to the product profile in the WineCollective Store, where you will find an enhanced, seamless introduction to everything you might need to know about each wine, and instantly shop for your favourites! 

Along with an improved, interactive wine experience, our new Wine Guides are also part of our efforts to reduce the amount of wasted paper produced each month by the printing of our WineCollective tasting cards. We have found over the years that the unused tasting cards really started to pile up, and the content we could include in the cards was very restricted by the format of the cards; it was time for an upgrade!

Moving to an online experience allows us to offer a richer, more seamless interaction with each wine, right from your phone! The online wine profiles include everything the old tasting cards did - reviews, history, tasting notes, food pairing suggestions -  but with so much more! Find interviews with winemakers, videos, recipes and more, all with the simple scan of a QR code!   

Our new Wine Guides also offer additional member benefits each month, referral bonuses, wine trivia and more! We hope you are as excited as we are about our upgraded experience!

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