Cancelling a Subscription

When you sign up for a new subscription, you will pay for your first delivery right away. You will receive your first delivery in the middle of the month, in the month following your initial purchase.

You can cancel your subscription through your online account at any time and you will only receive the packages you have paid for.

If you cancel your subscription after signup, it will not cancel the first delivery as that order was already processed. It will instead cancel all future shipments and charges to your account. In the event that you purchased a subscription in error, cancelled shortly after and do not wish to receive the upcoming package, please reach out to us and we will happily work out a solution with you.

Be sure to make any changes to your subscription before the 20th of the month if you do not wish to receive the following month's package. You can also put your subscription on pause for up to four months if you are going away or would like a break.

Cancelling a Gift Subscription

As gift subscriptions are paid in full in advance, if you decide to cancel the subscription you will not be able to do so from your WineCollective account. In the event you would like to cancel your gift subscription, please reach out to us and we will happily work out a solution with you.

Cancelling a Store Order

Once you have selected and paid for wines from the WineCollective store, orders cannot be refunded. All sales are final.

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