Anonymity is crucial for Winningtemp and you can always trust that no one can see how you have answered. 

The anonymity level is set up by your system administrator and we always recommend to have a high anonymity level. 

If you have anonymity level 5, that means you need to have a minimum of 5 unique responders in your group to show any temperature in your group at all. 

This means, if your group has a lesser number of users than the anonymity level, you will never see your temperature, but your answers will always contribute to the total temperature (organisational) anyway.

This also applies to the temperature regarding Gender, Age, and Answer per question. You need to have a minimum of 5 men AND 5 women to show temperature for example.

If you write a comment to a question, your manager and the system administrator can read it but they can't see who wrote it. Winningtemp has a function that allows managers to answer comments and ask further questions. However, this chat is totally anonymous and your manager will never see who they are chatting with.

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