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Where do I find my invoices/receipts?
Where do I find my invoices/receipts?
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The account owner has access to viewing and downloading invoices from the Team Settings.

1. Log into your account.

2. Click on the user dropdown in the top right hand corner of your screen and then click on Team settings.

3. Then click on the 'Account' or 'Billing' tab, depending on your plan (this page contains an overview of your plan, payment info and listed credit cards).

4. In the 'Account' tab, invoices will be found and downloaded on the left side.
In the 'Billing' tab, the Statements section will display payment history and an option to download each invoice.

5. Click on the link and a copy will be downloaded to your desktop.

For Business and Enterprise plans

Billing for your plan is looked after by our finance team through a third-party invoicing system.

You will receive an email whenever you are being invoiced and this is where you can view your invoices going forward.

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