If you've been a long-time customer, you will notice the different types of plans that have been on offer.

Asset (Legacy plan)

Starter, Basic, Standard, Premium

These plans were available from March 2017 until October 2017, and are based on monthly or yearly upload count. For example, the Starter monthly subscription gives you 5 uploads while the Starter annual gives you 60 uploads.

Each upload is single-use, i.e. once you upload an asset, deleting it will not give you back another upload for future use.

While we no longer offer asset plans for purchase, they are still supported by our platform – though we do recommend switching to our Team plan for a more user-friendly, cost-effective experience.

Storage (Legacy Plan)

Starter, Basic, Standard, Premium

These plans were first released in October 2017 and are based on the amount (in gigabytes) of data stored on the app.
Depending on the plan chosen, you have a set number of gigabytes to use how you wish; there are no time limits over when or what you can upload,

When you run out of space you simply upgrade to the next subscription tier or, alternatively, delete projects to make room for new ones.

We no longer have these plans available for purchase but our platform still supports existing subscriptions.

Pro15, Pro50, Pro100 (Legacy Plan)

These plans were first released in March 2018 and were available until September 2019. These plans are based on the amount of storage (in gigabytes) that comes with that particular subscription.

The number following the 'Pro' indicates the amount of storage (in gigabytes) - for example a Pro15 plan includes 15GB of storage.

Pro plans were the result of rejigging our first foray into storage-based plans (see above) to be easy to understand and provide value for money. They work the same way, i.e. you use the storage like a bucket, and pay either monthly or annually.

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